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We are specializes in Photography, creating brand videos for events, commercials, short films, feature-length films, Live streams, DJ Service, and Live Sound.

We offer concept to completion, project-based digital albums, as well as post-production services. As a team of passionate creatives, we will do what it takes to help you create the story you want to tell or make your events memorable.

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Production House

V2 Entertainment is a full-service of photo, video production production company, who specializes in creating brand videos, commercials, short spots and feature length films. We offer concept to completion, project based video services, as well as stand alone production and post-production services. As a team of passionate creatives, we will do what it takes to help you create the story you want to tell.

DJ & Live Sound

Most entertaining DJ services for any event, wedding receptions, corporate events, school dances, anniversaries, reunions, birthday parties, and any social occasion for all ages is where you will find Sight & Sound Services. Our DJs provide the perfect blend of the most loved music ever created for your dancing enjoyment. Thousands upon thousands of songs in every imaginable style and era as current as this week and dating back a century are available to guarantee a fun and memorable event.

Live Streaming

Engage Virtual Audiences In Real-Time On Multi Platform with Multi Camera Our service lines include – Livestreaming/ Webcasting services


V2 Entertainment Dance Company offers a wide range of dance classes for all ages, giving every student the opportunity to have a well-rounded performing on a diffirent platforms.

V2 is thrilled to offer a professional dance studio that is fun, welcoming, and inclusive to all. V2 Dance Company's choreographers showcase each dancer's strengths, resulting in confidence both on and off the stage!

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V2 Entertainment was an awesome DJ and really nailed the type of music we wanted played! During the reception, there was so much going on it felt like I was spinning in circles and although I don't remember hearing music I know that everyone was dancing! Everyone young and old - loved the music!

Dr. Maharshi

Amazing team of experienced audio engineers, professional videographers, and virtual dj services, we put togehter so many online options for you, including live event streaming.


Scouted some of the most creative and talented photographers and videographers


It is a series of examples of studio photos with explanations of exactly (yes, really exactly) how each shot was set-up. It tells you nothing about theories of light, but it tells you everything about how to set up a specific shot to get a special effects.

Aishwarya Majmudar

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